We are a comprehensive manufacturer that specializes in surface treatment and plating. We take the latest technology, and apply it to bringing new features to the automotive industry.

From our founding in 1950, we have consistently kept pace with the automotive industry in both diligent study of surface treatment and plating technology and innovation in manufacturing technology. On the Japan side, we supply technology available only available in Japan, that meets the high expectations of our customers. For overseas business, we continue to build manufacturing systems that thoroughly support overseas strategies in the automotive industry, and that provide outstanding service in the areas of quality, cost, delivery, and service (QCDS:Quality/Cost/Delivery/Service).
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Aichi Quality

About Desired Properties and Purposes of Use of Electroplating and Electroless Plating
Electroplating1:Zn/ZnNi/Ni/Cu/Sn Electroplating2:Hard chromium/Decorative Chromium Electroless Ni Plating Surface Treatment